Should salt be added to desserts?
Yes, because salt enhances flavors. Add a pinch of salt to your cookies, ice cream, chocolate desserts and pies and they will taste delicious.

Have you added too much salt to your casserole stew or soup?
Simply add a potato and it will absorb the extra salt while cooking. Remove it once it is ready.

Can egg whites be frozen?
Definitely. In order to freeze egg whites, add a pinch of salt and mix. They will keep their properties once defrosted and still serve any purpose.

Can egg yolks be frozen?
Definitely. In order to freeze egg yolks, add a pinch of salt and mix. It is advisable to cover them with food wrap film to prevent freezer burn.

How can you crack nuts easily?
Soak them in salty water for a couple of hours for easier cracking.

How can you make a perfect meringue?
Beat the whites with a pinch of salt (also applies to Chantilly cream) so that stiff peaks form faster.

How can you prevent food oxidation?
Pear, apple or potato oxidation can be prevented by keeping them in salty water until used.

Are you reheating coffee?
When reheating coffee, add a pinch of salt for better flavor.

Do you have a tip for delicious grilled poultry?
Yes. Coat the pieces fully with salt for a delicious taste.


- How to tell if eggs are still good
Put two tablespoons of salt in a cup of water and add the egg.
If it is fresh, it will sink; if it is old, it will float (because the air chamber in the egg gets bigger over time).
A floating egg does not necessarily mean that it has gone bad; it may simply mean it is older.
If in doubt, use a separate dish to crack the egg and check if it smells or looks bad.
(Bonus track: if hard boiled eggs are difficult to peel, it means they are super fresh).

-How to prevent fruit oxidation Most of us use lemon or vinegar to prevent peeled apples or pears from oxidizing. But you can also prevent them from darkening by soaking them in salty water.

-How to extend life of cheese
Avoid moldy cheese by wrapping it in a cloth dampened with salty water before storing in the fridge.

-How to clean up the oven floor
If food has spilled on the oven floor, take a handful of table salt and throw it over the hot bubbling mess. This will not produce smoke or bad smell; the salt will just crust making it easier to clean once the oven is cool.
-If you add salt to poached onions, they will cook and become soft faster.
-If you add salt and vinegar to the water when boiling an egg, the shell will not crack and it will be easier to peel off when cooked.
-If vegetables are seasoned once cooked, they will look greener.
-Soak vegetables in salty warm water to remove dirt or insects.
-Add a pinch of salt to egg whites before beating so that stiff peaks form faster.
-Add some grains of salt when frying meat or fish to prevent oil from splashing.
-For a perfect vinaigrette, dissolve the salt in vinegar before adding the oil.
-Add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor of your pies.


-How to put out fires caused by suet
Always keep a box of salt near the grill and the oven. If suet catches fire, extinguish the flames with salt. Never use water to put out fires caused by suet or oil because they splash and may provoke burnings. Salt acts as a heat extinguisher.

-How to avoid heavy wax-dropping candles
Soak new candles in a salty water solution for a couple of hours and dry well to prevent heavy wax-dropping when lit.

-How to keep flowers fresh
Add a pinch of salt to the vase water to keep them fresh for longer. You could also try adding an aspirin or sugar to achieve the same effect.

-Artificial floral arrangements
Fill a vase with salt and add a little water so that artificial flowers stay put. Salt hardens when it dries.

-How to make salt-dough clay
Mix 1 cup of flour, ½ cup salt, 2 tbs oil and 2 tbs cream of tartar. Slowly add 1cup of water. Cook over a medium heat and stir until the dough hardens. Spread over wax paper and let cool. Knead by hand until it is not sticky.

-Mosquito bites
Dipping the affected area in salty water can work wonders. A poultice of salt and olive oil may also help.