the salt flat

A gift from nature: The Salt Flat called Salinas Chicas is located 60 km to the west of Bahía Blanca city, in the south of Buenos Aires province. This land, that dates back to the Pleistocene, covers 6,000 hectares (approximately 15,000 acres) featuring scrublands and slightly oval ponds surrounded by stunning hills. The true source of flavor: a wide range of animal species such as wild boars, South American ostriches, hares, Patagonian maras, flamingoes, seagulls and white swans, among others, share with the local flora − white Carob trees and Condalia buxifolia or Piquillín − a protected and safe environment. At dawn when the sky turns pink, the water mirror offers a breath-taking view. In Salinas Chicas, the true protagonist is definitely Nature, which works on its own the miracle of the salt year after year. This unique and unparalleled environment is the cradle of the purest and most natural salt in Argentina. And this is just the salt that the people of Tresal take to your table so that you can enjoy it every day. Tresal, a pinch of flavor and purity on your table, every day.