Sustainable development reflects our firm commitment to the well-being of present and future generations. This has led Haidar&Co. SRL to devise a CSR Policy with clear guidelines aimed at improving the quality of life of its employees, their families and the community it is part of.
Haidar&Co. SRL understands that sustainable development consists of the right planning of the activities, a correct tracking of the process and the eagerness of continuous improvement.

From our values, convictions and motivations we adopt the following criteria of taking care of the Environment:

• Apply the best manufacturing practices, minimizing the possible side effects of our operations.
• Make a rational use of water resources, reducing its consumption by reusing it.
• Increase the energy consumption efficiency, lessening the impacts on climate change.
• Use in an adequate and rational way the natural resources.
• Watch over the native forests, promoting the Forest Stewardship Council Policies.

We involve customers, suppliers, contactors, authorities and community members in development processes. Sustainable development is a concept that characterizes our industrial activity.


1. Business conduct.
2. Employment policies.
3. Occupational safety and health.
4. Community participation.
5. Customers and suppliers relations.
6. Policy against money laundering.

Business conduct
Our code of Business Conduct serves to guide the way we do our job. It establishes a common and coherent framework that specifies how we should achieve our goals and objectives. It helps us to do what is right on our daily job. Our high ethical standard and personal integrity ensure good corporate reputation and credibility.
This Code is meant to provide an effective guidepost regarding:
• Fair competition
• Bribery, corruption, and gifts aimed at being awarded improper benefits.
• Management and protection of Haidar&Co SRL property and data.
• Conflict of interests.
• Open and transparent communications.
• The need to be acquainted with the company’s rules and regulations.

Employment Policy
The Company’s CSR policies follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Guidelines. Haidar& Co. SRL’s staff advocates the company's principles and their overt actions are consistent with its values and policies. They have taken up the challenge of achieving the highest performance rates and ensuring quality, efficiency, safety, productivity, good customer service and market positioning in response to the company's labor stability policy. We appreciate diversity and promote equal development and employment opportunity. We disapprove of hiring minors under 18 years old or children of compulsory school age. We strongly reject involuntary, forced or slave labor as well as cruel and inhuman treatment. Our work day complies with the requirements of the national legislation and the laws pertaining to our trade. We respect freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. Our remuneration policy stipulates that our employees’ salaries and benefits must at least comply with the laws and the trade collective bargaining conventions in force. Our human resources, their skills, passion and enthusiasm are essential to business management. Therefore, our work environment fosters personal and professional development, appreciates individuality, rewards initiative and promotes teamwork. Our Human Resources policy rejects discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or any other reason.

Occupational Safety and Health
Our principles and guidelines maintain a zero-tolerance approach to workplace injuries. Our Safety Policy aims at keeping the integrity of our workers. That is the reason why we are constantly working to improve our safety. We take into account the most relevant knowledge about our trade and any trade-related hazards to provide our employees with a safe and healthy workplace.
We always abide by the following rules:
1. Do not fail to observe any safety measure or let others do it.
2. The personal protective equipment rules related to a specific task shall always be complied with.
3. Employees shall not report to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
4. Every injury or accident shall be reported.

Community Participation
We pinpoint the needs of the local community; we acknowledge neighbors, authorities, the mass media and other groups with which we relate. We engage in fruitful dialogue with them, regard needs as opportunities for development, and find joint solutions through programs and projects. The company acknowledges and support the Rights of native populations over land issues.

Relations with Customers and Suppliers
We offer competitive products and services to meet our customers’ needs and expect our suppliers to do the same.
We prioritize local suppliers from the community where we are located, thus contributing to its progress.
We inform our suppliers about our CSR policy and require them to abide by the law, ILO conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, child labor prohibition, social security, freedom of association and non-discrimination, among others. The supplier will not offer or accept any bribe or any other kind of compensation.
We also help them improve their management systems by rating their performance in areas such as task fulfillment, quality, occupational safety and health and the environment.

Policy against money laundering
Money laundering is an illegitimate activity where individuals try to conceal or disguise the identity of the income, generally derived from illegal activities.
Haidar&Co SRL condemns these type of actions and we guarantee the legitimate origin of our funds and activities carried out by the Company, obeying the legal regulations on this subject.

The Company is responsible for the implementation, communication, evaluation and execution of this Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Should there be a violation of any of the previously mentioned Policies; the Company will be responsible to remedy the situation.