Haidar & CIA SRL is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of salt in the national and international market, destined for direct consumption or as a raw material for other food and non-food products.

At Haidar & CIA SRL we are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our processes and products, having as a priority objective the production and sale of safe products of the highest quality, which satisfy the demands and expectations of our customers, which allow us to be competitive in the market, that comply with international quality standards and current legislation.

For this, we implement procedures and instructions based on international standards, whose effectiveness is fundamentally based on:

• Develop, Implement and Maintain an Integrated Management System.
• Promote the creativity, innovation and teamwork of our Human Resources through their training and development.
• Maintenance of facilities and equipment to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the processes, ensuring the care of the environment
• Implement a process of continuous improvement with special emphasis on preventive action.

The management of the company, through the General Management, assumes the leadership in conducting the stated Policy, which are communicated to the organization with defined responsibilities to be implemented in each of its departments and thus achieve the objectives in all the levels of the company.

From the management of Haidar & Cía. SRL, we are committed to reviewing this quality and safety policy, and making the corresponding adjustments according to the food safety management system, and the legal requirements to produce safe and quality products.

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