Our company was founded in 1969 by two enterprising visionaries named Juan Haidar and Oscar Rodríguez. At the beginning, when they started working in the capital city of Santa Fe province, they would receive trucks loaded with big bulks of salt in their small facilities and split it up into small portions. Back then, our company only had two workers and just offered three kinds of products. As time went by, the plant moved to a larger estate and incorporated state-of-the-art machines to start processing the salt, although the salt-washing process was still outsourced. In 1996, with the opening of a new plant in Médanos, in the south of Buenos Aires province, our company was able to complete the whole manufacturing process and to increase its production capacity. In 2005, with the acquisition of a salt flat called Salinas Las Barrancas, a premium-grade salt producing company founded in 1932, our company finally achieved vertical integration. Nowadays, over ten different kinds of salt are processed in our facilities and presented in one hundred and fifty different packages, thus meeting the needs of a vast number of local and overseas customers that range from petrochemicals to supermarket chains.